Jay Kelly Fertility Hypnotherapist EFT Mizan

After 15 years since supporting my first Doula client, I have hung up my hat. It has been such an honour to support women, men and babies on these journeys.
As promised, I would leave this page here on my website, as an example of what a doula would provide.

My birth doula role came as a bespoke package, and incorporated my other job roles. Here is what was offered:
What you had was usually the following, but we chat and find exactly what it is that you need:
An initial informal chat over a cup of tea, to meet up to make sure that we have a good match and you feel comfortable with me in your birthing space. This is completely without obligation. I would never be offended if you found a better fit elsewhere. I believe we need to be picky about finding the right person for our birthing space companions!

Jay Kelly Fertility Hypnotherapist EFT Mizan

Example of usual services:
A 2 hour Physiological Birth session, where we look at the mechanical side of birth, how your body does what it does, and what options may be thrown at you. This session is used as a debrief time too, covering past experiences and planning the next stage.
As part of the service I provide, it also includes your Hypnobirthing, NLP and EFT sessions. This is important to me because then we enter your birth room totally on the same page; we have worked together to ease any fears or concerns, and we are both using the same words to induce calm and positive relaxation.
I like to make sure we have had 2x long in-depth sessions (allowing 2 to 3 hours each). Depending on how far on you were when we started working together, we can plan in a couple of hourly recap sessions as you progress through the time.
Once you hit your on-call period (which starts 2 weeks before your EDD), I like to make sure we have regular chats and catch up over a cup of tea. Having the support nearby at all times is part of what I feel is crucial for both you and your partner. When your partner also feels supported, then it also makes things easier for you. I’m at the other end of the phone for chats, WhatsApp, emails; for questions or concerns at any time.
I am with you through your birth, only ever leaving your side if you need me to (filling up your water bottle or getting you food, filling the pool or running a bath, for example), and then only if I see you have support present in the meantime. I don’t leave until you are settled with your baby in your arms and are ready for me to leave.
I will come back and spend some time with you around Day 3 or 4, where I remember with all of my babies, and both of my surrogate babies, I needed someone more than ever. If all you want to do in that time is sit and talk as you feed, I’ll sit and listen. If all you want to do is sleep, I’ll come and do something useful like washing, housework or a supermarket trip. Whatever works to make you feel supported in the best way on that day.
I’ll come back again for a debrief at approximately 10 days to 2 weeks.

The fee for the above package is set at £1250 (plus mileage if beyond 15 miles).
This includes the on-call period which begins 14 days before your original EDD until whenever the baby arrives. Having carried a 43 weeker, I understand that you don’t need any timescale pressures, so no additional births will be booked in that could potentially overlap. I actually try to keep the births that I attend to a maximum of 3 per year anyway nowadays.

It also includes your Physiological Birth session, your Hypnobirthing, NLP & EFT (Tapping) course, bottomless cups of tea and cake whenever needed. By limiting the births that I now support I am well and truly ‘cup filled’ and ready to be fully present with you.

By limiting the clients that I work with whilst I am on-call for you, I am fully present to be able to dedicate my time to supporting you and your family through this precious and sacred time. I will also make myself available for further employment if needed in the early days as a postnatal doula. This will be at a reduced rate for you.

What experience can I bring to you:
I have carried 6 babies and had very different birth experiences with each one, and attended so many different types of birth with many different people. We are all unique as individuals and each birth experience is also unique.

My first birth was unsupported and traumatic. My second birth was really rather orgasmic (though I had no idea it was “a thing” at that point!). My third birth was the birth of my identical twins. Born naturally at 38 weeks, 10 minutes apart. My fourth birth was my 1st surrogate baby who was a 43-week induction, resulting in 3 days of labour and emergency CS. My fifth birth was the sibling of the first surrogate baby and was a successful VBAC.

Ina May Gaskin and Jay Kelly

Ina May Gaskin

Shiela Kitzinger & Jay Kelly

Sheila Kitzinger

Having supported women and their partners through lots of different births, one of the most profound things that I have observed at each birth is how amazing the woman’s partner is as a birth support when they feel someone has their back too. I work very differently to the midwife. I do not do anything medical. I am your support, your sherpa, your listening ears, your extra pair of hands to hold you up and fetch whatever you need. We can discuss and we can plan, we can be flexible and go with the flow.

Sarah Buckley and Jay Kelly

Dr Sarah Buckley

Michel Odent & Jay Kelly

Michel Odent

I have been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 10 years now (Training in Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT). I did my Doula training with Nicola Goodhall and Hannah Robertson, under Adela Stockton’s Mindful Doula’s training course. I have attended many courses since with different professionals in the field to keep my skills and experiences broad. My first doula baby is now 14 years old!
My work and passion is in fertility, pregnancy and birth. I also work very spiritually with women who know and feel their baby is there, even before conception occurs. I feel birth is a continuation of this journey and that birth is a very spiritual occasion, where the birthing mother needs to feel safe and secure to go within, finding her strength to move forward and bring her baby to her arms.

Postnatal doula fees are £25 per hour (daytime minimum of an hour depends on your distance from my home).
For a full day rate (either 8am to 4pm or 10am to 6pm) is £180
Full night rate (9pm til 6am) is £220 (or £30 per hour for fewer hours.) I cannot offer this service very often though due to work and family commitments.

Warmest wishes
Jay x