Jay Kelly pregnancy and birth hypnotherapy

Jay Kelly pregnancy and birth hypnotherapyPregnancy is a wonderful time for so many, and I hope to help support you to be mindful and enjoying your pregnancy.
But I am not blase! Having experienced a few different pregnancies, including first-time anxiety, a couple of 10lber pregnancies in my 5’1″ frame, twin pregnancy and one that was daily sickness all the way to the end, I am aware that pregnancy can be such a challenging time for some.

I’m on the other of end of the web if you need that time and space to share, and be guided through Hypnobirthing / Hypnosis for Pregnancy or meditation for relaxation.

Whether you are enjoying a happy pregnancy and would like to spend the bonding time with baby, or prepare emotionally, mentally and physically for your small human’s arrival…

or whether you are pregnant after a loss or pregnant after previous trauma, and would like help to ease off the anxiety or fears, do get in touch and we can see what is the ideal support for your individual circumstances.

I highly recommend looking at the  ‘Thriving Postpartum’ HypnoMothering workshop, as this wonderful short, but highly effective workshop covers so many bases.
I run these two ways. 1, ante-natally, preparing for life with baby… and 2, post-natally, helping you ground, rest efficiently, feel calm and confident when juggling life with your newest baby.
I never mix the classes, as they are tailored to such different current needs.

Where my career supporting families through birth began: with Doula work.
I only take on 2-3 families per year, with a very full and inclusive package.

Click on the links to find out more about each topic, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me: jaykellytherapy@gmail.com