What to expect at your first Mizan appointment

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Mizan Therapy

What to expect at your first Mizan appointment?

Here is a little guide as to what you may experience at your first session with a Mizan Practitioner.
Most first appointments take upwards of 2 hours usually, occasionally 3 hours.
You may have already filled in your client intake/information form, and will go through it with your practitioner, or you may fill it in together, covering areas of your life including the physical, medical, emotional, spiritual aspects; past and present. What your menstrual cycle is like, your family history, and anything that is going on for you. Sometimes these questions may bring up things that you need to talk about, but often Mizan is a lovely way to shift emotional issues with minimum words.
You can share as much or as little as you like.
What to wear is a question often asked.
Mizan is a very discrete massage. You will be mostly covered by a sheet, and blankets or towels.
For your lower body, it’s easier if you are just in pants, so that we don’t have to deal with the waistband of trousers or leggings. You will be covered over. But if you prefer to wear trousers, that’s ok too. Make sure they are loose, can be easily lowered, and you are not precious in case we get massage oil on them. On your upper body, you are fine with your bra on, and a top such as a t-shirt or vest is ideal. Something that can be easily brought up so that we can get to your upper abdomen and midway up your back. Again, you will be covered over for warmth, but please make sure that it is not something that will ruin if we get massage oil on it.
Socks! Unless you have a major sock aversion or you live in a very warm place, socks are good! Warm feet, happier womb!
After your initial consultation, your therapist will either leave you to get yourself on the bed, or help you if that is needed. They will ensure that you are comfortable and warm before they begin.

Hopefully there will be lovely oils of your liking, nice ambient music, and calm lighting! Most therapists spend some time preparing the space ready for you to arrive to, so it feels cleansed, warm and inviting.

The Mizan massage starts on the front of your body, palpating your lower abdomen to get a guide of how your womb is positioned, if there is more tension or tightness on one side or the other. This is on your lower abdomen, just above your pubic bone. The sheet will be lightly tucked into your pants to keep your dignity in tact! The practitioner will first of all work on your lower and upper abdomen. Followed by some lymphatic system massage & moves, to help your body clear out what it needs to.
You will turn over, and the massage continues on your lower back and sacrum. This is where lots of people start to fall asleep quite often!
After the treatment, your practitioner will teach you the self care massage.
Depending on your personal circumstances, your practitioner will talk through other self care practices that may help you on your healing journey. This includes Caster Oil Packs, Vaginal Steaming, details about Faja use, the Mizan Botanicals that can be used, such as turmeric tinctures.
A glass of water (and an encouragement to drink plenty as your body goes through the detoxing process) and a chance for feedback from your session.
All in all, it is a lovely bit of time for you. Giving yourself the time for much needed TLC.
Frequency between massages? This one will vary, and you can discuss this with your practitioner. It largely depends on what you are there for, and your own circumstances. I do love a monthly massage personally.
Most of my clients come back weekly or fortnightly initially, but then move onto monthly. If all is well, maintenance every few months is always nice.
Any reasons why I can’t have a Mizan treatment?
Things to mention to your practitioner.
Please do speak to your practitioner if there is a chance that you could be pregnant.
The lower massage cannot be done if you are currently menstruating, though personally I do not mind at the very end of my bleed. Lower massage cannot be done with a coil in place. Please speak to your practitioner if you have an active case of a fungal infection or external thrush.
I hope this helps you know what to expect from your first session.
So as someone who has had Mizan treatments from many of the Mizan practitioners over the years, I have found that all of the therapists have followed the basics of what is listed here, though remembering that some therapists may do other treatments, such as cupping, alongside their Mizan practice. In this situation, the practitioner should let you know if it is a combination they they are offering, so as to not confuse things if you go to another practitioner for Mizan and you find it is something different.

I hope that this helps you with an understanding of what to expect from your first session. Do enjoy it. Mizan is a really beautiful healing gift, one that makes such a difference.

Jay x